Our Communities

  1. outside of building

    Lexington, Kentucky

    View Community CHRISTIAN TOWERS II, Lexington, Kentucky
  2. AWT 1 lobby seating

    Applewood Towers
    Lawrenceville, Georgia

    View Community Applewood Towers, Lawrenceville, Georgia
  3. AWT 2 - Lobby 4

    Applewood Towers II
    Lawrenceville, Georgia

    View Community Applewood Towers II, Lawrenceville, Georgia
  4. awt 3 lobby area

    Applewood Towers III
    Lawrenceville, Georgia

    View Community Applewood Towers III, Lawrenceville, Georgia
  5. ashwood front entrance

    Ashwood Apartments
    Hamilton, Alabama

    View Community Ashwood Apartments, Hamilton, Alabama
  6. Lobby area

    Avera Estates
    Thomaston, Georgia

    View Community Avera Estates, Thomaston, Georgia
  7. lobby seating area

    Azalea Christian Manor
    Jackson, Mississippi

    View Community Azalea Christian Manor, Jackson, Mississippi
  8. Resident apartments

    Berrywood Terrace
    Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

    View Community Berrywood Terrace, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  9. broadway apartments community room 2

    Broadway Apartments
    Tempe, Arizona

    View Community Broadway Apartments, Tempe, Arizona
  10. Multiple buildings

    Broadway Terrace
    Phoenix, Arizona

    View Community Broadway Terrace, Phoenix, Arizona
  11. An office kitchen

    Broadway Towers
    Knoxville, Tennessee

    View Community Broadway Towers, Knoxville, Tennessee
  12. camelia building front

    Camellia Gardens
    Montgomery, Alabama

    View Community Camellia Gardens, Montgomery, Alabama
  13. Casey Estates Building

    Casey Estates
    Anniston, Alabama

    View Community Casey Estates, Anniston, Alabama
  14. Lobby seating area

    Castlewood Terrace I
    Granada Hills, California

    View Community Castlewood Terrace I, Granada Hills, California
  15. Castlewood Terrace building

    Castlewood Terrace II
    Granada Hills, California

    View Community Castlewood Terrace II, Granada Hills, California
  16. Christian Towers building

    Christian Towers
    Lexington, Kentucky

    View Community Christian Towers, Lexington, Kentucky
  17. Colbert Square
    Woodstock, Georgia

    View Community Colbert Square, Woodstock, Georgia
  18. coral bay plaza community room

    Coral Bay Plaza
    Miami, Florida

    View Community Coral Bay Plaza, Miami, Florida
  19. coral bay terrace lobby

    Coral Bay Terrace
    Miami, Florida

    View Community Coral Bay Terrace, Miami, Florida
  20. covington square building

    Covington Square
    Covington, Georgia

    View Community Covington Square, Covington, Georgia
  21. Crestwood Lobby

    Crestwood Towers
    Gallatin, Tennessee

    View Community Crestwood Towers, Gallatin, Tennessee
  22. Dogwood Plaza Community Room Seating area

    Dogwood Plaza
    Moultrie, Georgia

    View Community Dogwood Plaza, Moultrie, Georgia
  23. dogwood square 3rd floor community room

    Dogwood Square
    Alpharetta, Georgia

    View Community Dogwood Square, Alpharetta, Georgia
  24. Building front

    Elizabeth H. Wright Apartments
    Montgomery, Alabama

    View Community Elizabeth H. Wright Apartments, Montgomery, Alabama
  25. farrow place resident living room

    Farrow Place
    Rock Hill, South Carolina

    View Community Farrow Place, Rock Hill, South Carolina
  26. fayetteville square resident apartments

    Fayetteville Square
    Fayetteville, Tennessee

    View Community Fayetteville Square, Fayetteville, Tennessee
  27. field village building

    Field Village Apartments
    Seneca, South Carolina

    View Community Field Village Apartments, Seneca, South Carolina
  28. gardenia gardens building

    Gardenia Gardens
    Vero Beach, Florida

    View Community Gardenia Gardens, Vero Beach, Florida
  29. garnett village building

    Garnett Village
    Tulsa, Oklahoma

    View Community Garnett Village, Tulsa, Oklahoma
  30. gatewood community room

    Gatewood Village
    Wingate, North Carolina

    View Community Gatewood Village, Wingate, North Carolina
  31. Governors terrace front door

    Governor’s Terrace
    Forest Park, Georgia

    View Community Governor’s Terrace, Forest Park, Georgia
  32. Community Room

    Harmony Hills
    Forest City, North Carolina

    View Community Harmony Hills, Forest City, North Carolina
  33. heritage front entrance

    Heritage Towers
    Henderson, Tennessee

    View Community Heritage Towers, Henderson, Tennessee
  34. Heywood Entrance

    Heywood Gardens
    Simi Valley, California

    View Community Heywood Gardens, Simi Valley, California
  35. Hillview terrace gazebo

    Hillview Terrace
    Vienna, West Virginia

    View Community Hillview Terrace, Vienna, West Virginia
  36. Huntwood Lobby

    Huntwood Terrace
    Cartersville, Georgia

    View Community Huntwood Terrace, Cartersville, Georgia
  37. Resident apartment front entrance

    Jean McCabe Manor
    Kingstree, South Carolina

    View Community Jean McCabe Manor, Kingstree, South Carolina
  38. JGF Exterior of Units

    John G Felder
    St. Matthews, South Carolina

    View Community John G Felder, St. Matthews, South Carolina
  39. lebanon square lobby

    Lebanon Square
    Lebanon, Tennessee

    View Community Lebanon Square, Lebanon, Tennessee
  40. Liberty building front

    Liberty Commons
    Lexington, Kentucky

    View Community Liberty Commons, Lexington, Kentucky
  41. lighthouse manor community room kitchen

    Lighthouse Manor
    Gainesville, Georgia

    View Community Lighthouse Manor, Gainesville, Georgia
  42. lilburn terrace building

    Lilburn Terrace
    Lilburn, Georgia

    View Community Lilburn Terrace, Lilburn, Georgia
  43. Magnolia gardens entrance

    Magnolia Gardens
    Daytona Beach, Florida

    View Community Magnolia Gardens, Daytona Beach, Florida
  44. magnolia terrace porch and chairs

    Magnolia Terrace
    Greenville, Mississippi

    View Community Magnolia Terrace, Greenville, Mississippi
  45. malmaison building

    Malmaison Villas
    Greenwood, Mississippi

    View Community Malmaison Villas, Greenwood, Mississippi
  46. Maple - Bldg 2

    Maple Village
    Fairview, Tennessee

    View Community Maple Village, Fairview, Tennessee
  47. millner estates office building

    Millner Estates
    Georgetown, South Carolina

    View Community Millner Estates, Georgetown, South Carolina
  48. naomi gardens building

    Naomi Gardens
    Arcadia, California

    View Community Naomi Gardens, Arcadia, California
  49. regency office

    Regency Woods
    Newberry, South Carolina

    View Community Regency Woods, Newberry, South Carolina
  50. Community Room

    Redemption Towers
    Summerville, South Carolina

    View Community Redemption Towers, Summerville, South Carolina
  51. Orange Blossom Village
    Vero Beach, Florida

    View Community Orange Blossom Village, Vero Beach, Florida
  52. Palmetto Towers Community Room

    Palmetto Towers
    Sumter, South Carolina

    View Community Palmetto Towers, Sumter, South Carolina
  53. Plaza Towers building front

    Plaza Towers
    Greeneville, Tennessee

    View Community Plaza Towers, Greeneville, Tennessee
  54. pinerdige sign

    Greenwood, South Carolina

    View Community Pineridge, Greenwood, South Carolina
  55. Ranchitos - Lobby and Computer

    Ranchitos Village
    Albuquerque, New Mexico

    View Community Ranchitos Village, Albuquerque, New Mexico
  56. ridgeview manor building

    Ridgeview Manor
    Panorama City, California

    View Community Ridgeview Manor, Panorama City, California
  57. Robert Forcum

    Robert Forcum Towers
    Hialeah, Florida

    View Community Robert Forcum Towers, Hialeah, Florida
  58. Samari Towers

    Samari Towers
    Hialeah Gardens, Florida

    View Community Samari Towers, Hialeah Gardens, Florida
  59. The front of a building

    Southlake Towers
    Palm Bay, Florida

    View Community Southlake Towers, Palm Bay, Florida
  60. Steward Manor Front

    Steward Manor
    Radcliff, Kentucky

    View Community Steward Manor, Radcliff, Kentucky
  61. stonewood lawn and sign

    Stonewood Apartments
    Vicksburg, Mississippi

    View Community Stonewood Apartments, Vicksburg, Mississippi
  62. tulipwood front drive

    Tulipwood Apartments
    Centerville, Tennessee

    View Community Tulipwood Apartments, Centerville, Tennessee
  63. washington square resident buildings

    Washington Square
    Darlington, South Carolina

    View Community Washington Square, Darlington, South Carolina
  64. west oaks lobby

    West Oaks Terrace I
    Houston, Texas

    View Community West Oaks Terrace I, Houston, Texas
  65. west oaks chairs and tv

    West Oaks Terrace II
    Houston, Texas

    View Community West Oaks Terrace II, Houston, Texas