Two very experienced enterprises, working together, to create and preserve quality affordable housing to bring excellence to community living


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About Us

Mansermar, Inc. was established in 1982 to fill the need for a caring and compassionate property management company in the challenging and fast-paced property management industry. In operating with love and compassion, our culture is exemplified through the quality of life we can provide along with the long-term preservation and increased value of the assets. We are dedicated to our processes and protocols to achieve excellence in every arena of property management. We have replicated these standards in over 60 communities across the sunbelt where we serve. We comprehensively manage and maintain the properties with excellence.

Mansermar Development, LLC was established in 1998 to serve owners and investors in developing, acquiring, and preserving affordable housing. We were initially organized as a consulting firm but quickly grew into serving as developers on affordable housing transactions. We have been instrumental in the preservation of nearly 1200 units in 6 states since 2015. We strive to create upgraded, beautiful spaces that truly bless the residents as we secure the affordability of the properties long term.

It is a unique collaboration of Mansermar, Inc. and Mansermar Development working together to execute the sophistication on the business and finance side but also the love and care on the relational side. Together, we ensure the property remains affordable, well-maintained, well-managed, safe and secure. Whether through management or development, our team works closely in partnership with the owners to achieve their goals to have a successful community.

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Core Values


Bringing people together to live and work in thriving environments throughout our businesses and communities.


We genuinely love and care for our team, staff, vendors and residents with grace, humility, kindness and compassion.


Ensuring all team members uphold a commitment to excellence, a promise to our company, residents, owners, and ourselves to do our best every day.


We uphold our commitment to be honest, sincere, impartial, and fair.


We are faithful to steward all that is in our responsibility with excellence and grateful to have the opportunity.


We pursue professionalism by honoring others.