Management Services

Propery Management

Our full-service Property Management group offers complete management services for your apartment community. We always focus on the owner’s objective and design management services to meet those goals while embodying a delicate balance of compassion for residents and unwavering professionalism for owners. Day-to-day operation services including cash management and expense control, contract and vendor negotiation, leasing and marketing programs, and human resources management are overseen by the Director of Operations and the Asset Management team. Mansermar provides full property accounting and reporting services to your partners, investors, and regulatory agencies. Our Leadership Team will interface with independent CPA firms for annual audits and communicate and coordinate with lenders and regulators. We also have quality assurance systems in place to ensure your property remains in compliance with regulatory programs. Our managers are not merely administrators; they are advocates for the well-being of individuals and families calling affordable housing their home. Demonstrating compassion, they understand the unique challenges faced by residents and work tirelessly to create a nurturing environment. Simultaneously, their professionalism shines through in efficient budgeting, maintenance, and compliance with regulations, ensuring the economic sustainability of the properties. Through this harmonious blend of empathy and business acumen, our property managers contribute to building communities that not only meet the economic needs of owners but also prioritize the welfare and dignity of the diverse individuals they serve.

Management Consulting

Mansermar, Inc. also provides Management Consulting in the affordable housing industry, where the intersection of social impact and financial viability demands strategic expertise. We navigate the complex landscape of affordable housing, providing essential guidance to developers, government agencies, and nonprofit organizations. Our services often encompass a range of activities, from market analysis and financial modeling to regulatory compliance and community engagement. In an era marked by increasing urbanization and a growing need for affordable living spaces, Mansermar, Inc. brings innovative solutions to the table. We work to optimize operations, enhance project efficiency, and ensure that affordable housing initiatives align with broader economic and societal goals. By leveraging our industry knowledge and analytical skills, our goal is to contribute to the creation of sustainable, inclusive communities, addressing the challenges posed by limited resources and diverse stakeholder interests within the affordable housing sector.

Development Consulting

Mansermar, Inc. also provides Development Consulting in the affordable housing industry, serving as a catalyst for the successful implementation of projects that address the pressing need for economical and sustainable housing solutions. We offer expertise in land acquisition, project financing, regulatory compliance, and community engagement while working closely with developers, governmental bodies, and non-profit organizations to streamline the development process, ensuring that projects are not only economically viable but also align with the specific needs and demographics of the communities they serve. Mansermar, Inc. navigates the intricate landscape of zoning laws, funding mechanisms, and stakeholder relationships, aiming to optimize the balance between affordability, quality, and long-term sustainability. Our strategic insights and problem-solving abilities are instrumental in overcoming challenges inherent in affordable housing development, contributing to the creation of housing options that are not only financially accessible but also contribute positively to the fabric of communities.