Development Services

Acquisition Rehabilitation

We specialize in the acquisition and rehabilitation of affordable housing with an emphasis on housing for seniors. Our Development team has over 10 years of experience in applying for Low-Income Housing Tax Credits (LIHTC) and Tax Exempt Bonds (TEB). We have received funding on 13 deals utilizing LIHTC and many other funding sources to enhance project feasibility. We work with many partners, including architects, general contractors, attorneys, engineers, lenders, and investors to bring a project together from inception through construction completion. Construction begins quickly after closing, and we work closely with the construction management team, the property management company, the architect, Inspectors as well as the GC to complete the construction. We believe that relationships and hard work are the driving forces behind these deals. We have seen mountains moved and obstacles overcome through creative problem-solving and collaborative team members.

New Construction

Cissy Watson, our President & CEO, has over 30 years of New Construction experience. Our most recent New Construction project was Christian Towers in Lexington, KY. Adding new units is vital in the affordable housing industry as demand increases year after year. Every New Construction opportunity is financially analyzed to maximize funding opportunities. Cissy is an expert in HUD funding and is passionate about serving low-income residents. The Mansermar Development team is equipped with years of experience to execute complex deals that allow the production of housing that will provide affordable living for residents for years to come.

Development Consulting

The team at Mansermar Development, LLC is experienced in a variety of developments. We specialize in affordable housing for seniors, but our knowledge of commercial real estate development and affordable housing is multi-faceted. We offer expertise in site selection, financing, construction management, regulatory compliance, and community engagement. Our experience includes many types of multifamily housing as well as mixed-use developments both in urban settings as well as rural areas. We work collaboratively with other developers, governmental agencies, and non-profit organizations to strategize and execute developments that address the critical need for affordable housing and the specific needs of the local community. We analyze market dynamics, optimizing project efficiency, and the specific needs of the communities, incorporating each of these as we create housing that is also accessible and inclusive with a beautiful appearance.