About Mansermar Development


Mansermar Development, LLC. was established in 1998

Mission & Values

Our mission is to improve people’s quality of life through the preservation and creation of more affordable housing.

Mansermar places both the property owner and resident at the center of our philosophy. We believe affordable housing and high-quality living go hand in hand. That is why all Mansermar managed properties must adhere to the Mansermar Standard. By taking steps to meet this standard, property owners stand to earn increased equity in their property while residents live in a place that is affordable and maintained to meet our excellent quality standards.

To ensure all standards are met, we personally consult with property owners on virtually all aspects of their property. This would include any renovations or additions made to the property, as well as financing and regulatory services. It is our all-in-one management style that allows us to bring and uphold all our managed properties to our standard of excellence.

Mansermar also believes that to maintain high quality living, residents must also be instilled with a strong sense of community. That’s why we endeavor to hire local personnel to head the property’s management.  Managers are then required to maintain a level of involvement with the local community, helping to bring in volunteers and agencies to provide residents with recreational activities and additional services.

By upholding our standards, we provide residents with high quality affordable housing while increasing the value and prestige of our client’s property.

Mansermar’s core values guide our approach to property development.

Quality: Ensuring that all developed properties uphold the Mansermar Standard through a commitment to excellence, a promise to our company, residents, owners, and ourselves to do our best every day.

Community: Bringing people together to live in a thriving environment.

Integrity: Uphold our commitment to be honest, sincere, impartial, and fair.

Following these values allow us to deliver the quality of service that residents and property owners expect with a Mansermar managed property.

Leadership & Management


Cissy Watson

As President and CEO of Mansermar Development

Ali Watson

Ali Watson, Vice President and Director of Development of Mansermar Development