1. Gwinnett Pharmacy

    Gwinnett Pharmacy delivers prescriptions to residents at Applewood Towers each week.

  2. Kaiser Permanente

    Health professionals from Kaiser Permanente visit Applewood Towers to provide health check clinics to residents.

  3. Gwinnett Church of Christ

    Gwinnett Church of Christ provides transportation for residents of Applewood Towers to do grocery shopping twice per month, they also help with day trips for activities or appointments.

  4. Publix

    The Publix grocery store in Lawrenceville provides bread and pastries to residents of Applewood Towers III Applewood Towers III each week.

  5. Rite Aid Pharmacy

    Rite Aid Pharmacy helps residents at several of our communities.  One pharmacy provides a flu shot clinic to residents of Applewood Towers III.  Another pharmacy delivers prescriptions to residents of Christian Towers.

  6. United Health Care

    United Health Care visits several of our communities to help with many activities for residents.  Representatives visit Applewood Towers III each month to host bingo games for residents it’s great fun and the residents really enjoy getting together for games.  Residents at Broadway Towers also meet with a representative to receive help with health information.

  7. Alacare Home Health & Hospice

    Alacare Home Health & Hospice provides free blood pressure screening for residents of Ashwood Apartments.

  8. Kindred Healthcare

    Kindred Healthcare provides free blood pressure check ups for residents of Ashwood Apartments.

  9. AseraCare

    AseraCare provides health talks to residents of Ashwood Apartments.

  10. Marion Regional Medical Center

    Staff of Marion Regional Medical Center meets with residents of Ashwood Apartments each month.

  11. Community Ambulence Service

    Community Ambulence Service provides blood pressure checks every Monday to residents of Avera Estates.

  12. Pruitt Health

    Pruitt Health sponsors monthly birthday celebrations for residents of Avera Estates.

  13. Southern Grace Hospice

    Southern Grace Hospice hosts games and singing each month for residents at Avera Estates.

  14. Providence Nursing Home

    Each  quarter, the director of Providence Nursing Home brings games and prizes to residents at Avera Estates.

  15. City of Phoenix

    The City of Phoenix Police Department provides education and safety awareness seminars for residents of Broadway Terrace.

  16. Duet Agency

    The Duet Agency donated an Optelec magnifying machine to Broadway Terrace to help residents who have difficulty reading.  This incredible machine has helped residents enjoy reading again.

  17. Leading Age Arizona

    Leading Age Arizona joins with several local businesses to help residents at Broadway Terrace each Christmas season through a large grant to ensure residents have a joyous holiday and coming year.

  18. Gregory's Fresh Food Market

    Gregory’s Fresh Food Market provides high quality organic fresh produce to resident’s at Broadway Terrace to support health and good nutrition.

  19. Maricopa Department of Public Health

    The Maricopa Department of Public Health is a community agency that helps host onsite health and wellness events for residents of Broadway Terrace.  Services include, Silver Sneakers exercise program, low-cost dental clinics, biometrics screening, blood pressure check-ups, and chronic disease self-management clinic events each month.  They also help provide blood pressure monitors and diabetic monitoring products, and free ‘quit kits’ to help stop smoking.

  20. St. Mary's Food Bank Alliance

    The St. Mary’s Food Bank Alliance delivers food boxes to residents at Broadway Terrace each month.

  21. Veteran's Coordinators

    Veteran’s Coordinators with the Congressional Representative’s office and community agencies such as West Valley Vet Center, offer presentations of colors, new flag celebration, counseling, and emergency response services for residents at Broadway Terrace who are Veteran’s.

  22. Diaper Bank of Central Arizona

    The Diaper Bank of Central Arizona provides free personal hygiene products for residents of Broadway Terrace.

  23. JobCorps

    Student interns with JobCorp, visit residents of Broadway Terrace to provide assistance with technology.  They help residents learn how to use different types of technology to stay connected with friends and family.

  24. Arizona State University

    Arizona State University offers a foster grandparent volunteer program that engages residents at Broadway Terrace in giving back to the community by reading to at risk children at surrounding schools.

  25. Smoke Free Living Collaborative

    The Smoke Free Living Collaborative along with the American Lung Association in Arizona supports Broadway Terrace as a smoke free community.  They have featured Broadway Terrace in a press release and also nominated Broadway Terrace for the annual Arizonan’s Concerned About Smoking Award.

  26. Second Harvest

    Second Harvest of Knoxville helps provide food for residents of Broadway Towers.

  27. Love Kitchen

    The Love Kitchen provides food to residents of Broadway Towers.

  28. Pro-Health Wellness

    Provides health information to residents at Broadway Towers.

  29. Ameri-group Medicare

    Staff from Ameri-group Medicare meet with residents at Broadway Towers to provide answers and help with health questions and needs.

  30. New Hope At The Hills Church

    Helps residents at Castlewood Terrace I and Castlewood Terrace II.

  31. Adult Day Care Centers

    Adult Day Care Centers help residents at Castlewood I and Castlewood II.

  32. Hope Community Development Center

    Hope Community Development Center helps residents at Castlewood Terrace I and Castlewood Terrace II.

  33. Granada Hill Elementary School

    Granada Hill Elementary School help residents at Castlewood Terrace I and Castlewood Terrace II.

  34. Commonwealth Home Health

    Commonwealth Home Health provides a sit & fit mini exercise class and blood pressure check for residents of Christian Towers.

  35. Brookdale Senior Living Center

    Staff from Brookdale Senior Living Center visit residents at Christian Towers to host games and provide vital sign checks.

  36. Caretenders Home Health

    Staff from Caretenders Home Health visit residents at Christian Towers to provide educational services as well as host bingo games each month.

  37. WellCare

    WellCare staff members offer educational services as well as hosting ice cream socials for residents of Christian Towers.

  38. Calvary Church of the Nazarene

    The Calvary Church of the Nazarene provides transportation to the grocery store and a local senior center to residents of Christian Towers as well as delivering meals and helping with Meals on Wheels.

  39. Corner Pharmacy

    The Corner Pharmacy delivers prescriptions to residents at Christian Towers.

  40. Woodstock Pharmacy

    The Woodstock Pharmacy delivers prescriptions to residents at Colbert Square.

  41. CarePlus

    Staff members of CarePlus visit residents at Coral Bay Plaza to answer questions about health concerns and hold awareness seminars and fun activities.

  42. Wellmax Medical Centers

    Wellmax Medical Centers offers health checks to residents of Coral Bay Plaza.

  43. HCSF

    HCSF conducts a yearly hurricane preparedness class for residents at Coral Bay Plaza.

  44. Farmshare

    Farmshare is a large scale food bank in Florida that specializes in donating fresh fruit and vegetables to those in need.   Farmshare donates fresh fruit and vegetables each year to residents at Coral Bay Terrace.

  45. La Colonia Medical Center

    Staff from La Colonia Medical Center provide activities and health clinics to residents at Coral Bay Terrace each month.

  46. Care Plus Clinic

    Staff from Care Plus Clinic offer fun activities and health awareness  seminars to residents at Coral Bay Terrace.

  47. Cutler Bay City

    Cutler Bay City provides transportation to the grocery store for residents of Coral Bay Terrace each week.

  48. Mid Cumberland

    Mid Cumberland provides transportation to residents of Crestwood Towers to assist them with appointments or shopping needs.

  49. WalMart

    A local WalMart pharmacy provides flu shots each year for residents at Dogwood Square.

  50. Hospital Home Health Care

    Hospital Home Health Care sponsors a blood pressure check on the second Tuesday of each month for residents of Fayetteville Square.

  51. The Carolinas Center

    The Carolinas Center offers residents of Field Village informational classes about diabetes and how to manage it.

  52. Senior Solutions

    Senior Solutions offers transportation and home healthcare assistance applying for medical services to the residents of Field Village Apartments.

  53. Destiny's Food Bank

    Residents of Field Village Apartments receive help with food needs from Destiny’s Food Bank each month.

  54. SHARE

    SHARE offers residents of Field Village Apartments assistance with electric bills.

  55. Vienna Foodland

    Vienna Foodland grocery store offers delivery service to residents of Hillview Terrace.

  56. Old Man Rivers

    Old Man Rivers is a non profit agency that helps residents of Hillview Terrace during the weekend with needs that may have.

  57. Addus

    Addus offers in home help to residents of Jean McCabe Manor.  Staff members come in to help residents with laundry, cooking and cleaning needs.

  58. Mama's Kitchen

    Mama’s kitchen provides weekly Meals on Wheels deliveries to residents of Jean McCabe Manor.

  59. Good Samaritan Home Care

    Good Samaritan Home Care helps residents of Jean McCabe Manor with home health services and daily living needs.

  60. Vital Aging

    Vital Aging provides weekly Meals on Wheels service to residents of Jean McCabe Manor.

  61. Calhoun County Council on Aging

    The Calhoun County Council on Aging provides Meals on Wheels services and well as transportation to a local center for residents of John G. Felder Apartments.

  62. God's Pantry Food Bank

    God’s Pantry Food Bank makes monthly food deliveries to residents at Liberty Commons, that qualify for assistance.

    Learn More about God's Pantry Food Bank
  63. Lexington Public Library

    The Lexington Public Library visits residents of Liberty Commons twice per month to bring a new supply of books for residents to enjoy.

    Learn More about Lexington Public Library
  64. Chick-fil-a

    A local Chick-fil-a offers residents of Lilburn Terrace a discount on sandwiches monthly.

  65. Fred's Pharmacy

    Fred’s Pharmacy offers prescription delivery service to residents of Maple Village Apartments.

  66. Mid-Cumberland

    Mid-Cumberland offers housekeeping services and companion helpers to residents of Maple Village Apartments as well as transportation to the grocery store or doctors appoints.

  67. The Council on Aging

    Residents of Millner Estates receive Meals on Wheels and transportation services from the Council on Aging.

  68. Tuomey Healthcare

    Tuomey Healthcare provides blood pressure checkups by registered nurse for the residents of Palmetto Towers.

  69. Tusculum College

    Volunteers from Tusculum College visits residents at Plaza Towers for chair yoga each month.

  70. Roby Center

    The Roby Center offers residents of Plaza Towers transportation to the Roby Center each week, they offer activities and classes for adults in the community.  They also provide a weekly trip to Walmart for any shopping needs.

  71. Food City

    Food City offers grocery delivery services to residents of Plaza Towers.

  72. ECHO Food Bank

    ECHO Food Bank offers residents of Ranchitos Village assistance with food needs each month.

  73. City of Hialeah Gardens

    The City of Hialeah Gardens offers community programs to residents of Samari Towers.

  74. Aging Matters of Brevard

    Aging Matters of Brevard is an agency that provides services such as meals on wheels, care giver assistance, exercise classes, transportation,  housekeeping services and more to residents of Southlake Towers.  Residents are able to sign up for transportation pickup to go to the community center for lunch and activities.

  75. Feeding America - Kentucky's Heartland

    Feeding America – Kentucky’s Heartland offers food assistance to residents of Steward Manor.

  76. Intrepid Healthcare

    Intrepid Healthcare offers residents of Steward Manor help with medical needs.

  77. Lifeline Home Health

    Lifeline Home Health offers residents of Steward Manor assistance with medical needs.

  78. Hardin County Library

    The Hardin County Library bookmobile visits residents of Steward Manor each month to provide books for everyone to enjoy.

  79. The Darlington County Council on Aging

    The Darlington County Council on Aging provides transportations for activities for residents of Washington Square, Monday through Friday each week.

  80. Houston Food

    Houston Food visits residents of West Oaks Terrace I and West Oaks Terrace II on the third Thursday of each month to donate food boxes.

  81. Hamilton Free Will Baptist Church


    The congregation of Hamilton Free Will Baptist Church donate food and other essentials and gift bags throughout the year to residents at Ashwood Apartments.

  82. GraceWorks West

    GraceWorks West in Fairview, Tennessee is a local thrift store that helps residents at Maple Village with food, clothing and furniture each month.  GraceWorks relies upon donations from the community to help residents if you have anything to donate, please consider GraceWorks West.

  83. FirstBank

    The staff of FirstBank in Fairview, Tennessee help our residents at Maple Village during the holidays with food needs and other essentials.