About Mansermar

Our philosophy embodies the ‘brick and mortar’ aspect of efficient management, but also goes beyond that and incorporates a sensitivity to meeting the needs of each resident in terms of health, social and recreational activities and community involvement.  Mansermar, Inc. and Mid-America Apartment Management Company, Inc. are committed to efficient, effective management that will meet the needs of owners, lenders, government agencies, and residents.  In order to maintain this high standard, a project manager is a key to a successfully operated complex.  We use a professional local business as the project manager specializing in housing management procedures to ensure our high standards are met.

We support 64 communities in 14 states across the United States:

Alabama, Arizona, California, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi, New Mexico, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, and West Virginia

Each community is staffed with personnel according to its needs.  Additionally, each site manager is required to become involved with the local community to bring in volunteers and local agencies to assist residents and provide additional services and activities for our residents.  Mansermar, Inc. and Mid-America, Inc. provide financial management and controls which meet the needs of the owners and requirements of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, state housing credit agencies, contract administrators, investors, and lenders.   This includes the short and long-range budgeting and financial planning, day-to-day bookkeeping functions, and the preparation and filing of appropriate reports with owners, companies, and government agencies.

Our corporate office supervises Managers who operate each Site-Based Management office.  Mansermar’s Asset Managers oversee the complete operation, review monthly reports, maintenance reports, day-to-day operations, and determine if additional training is needed to ensure effective productivity.  We provide on-site training to all personnel which includes step by step methods of procedures, HUD requirements, LIHTC requirements, occupancy requirements, rent collection procedures, applications, verification requirements, certification, and recertification requirements and purchasing and budgeting requirements.  In addition, continued training is provided through periodic meetings and development programs by our asset managers as well as on-site procedure manuals


Mansermar, Inc. was established in 1982, and Mid-America Apartment Management Company, Inc. was established in 1978.  We specialize in managing multifamily housing with an emphasis on low and moderate-income housing for the elderly and mobility impaired.  We take a vested interest in each of the communities we serve as a result of the length of tenure in these locations and proudly offer quality affordable housing in each of these areas as it works together with the local community to provide other services to our residents as well.

Mission & Values

Our mission is to improve people’s quality of life through the preservation and creation of more affordable housing.

Mansermar places both the property owner and resident at the center of our philosophy. We believe affordable housing and high-quality living go hand in hand. That is why all Mansermar managed properties must adhere to the Mansermar Standard. By taking steps to meet this standard, property owners stand to earn increased equity in their property while residents live in a place that is affordable and maintained to meet our excellent quality standards.

To ensure all standards are met, we personally consult with property owners on virtually all aspects of their property. This would include any renovations or additions made to the property, as well as financing and regulatory services. It is our all-in-one management style that allows us to bring and uphold all our managed properties to our standard of excellence.

Mansermar also believes that to maintain high quality living, residents must also be instilled with a strong sense of community. That’s why we endeavor to hire local personnel to head the property’s management.  Managers are then required to maintain a level of involvement with the local community, helping to bring in volunteers and agencies to provide residents with recreational activities and additional services.

By upholding our standards, we provide residents with high quality affordable housing while increasing the value and prestige of our client’s property.

Mansermar’s core values guide our approach to property management.

Quality: Ensuring that all managed properties uphold the Mansermar Standard through a commitment to excellence, a promise to our company, residents, owners, and ourselves to do our best every day.

Community: Bringing people together to live in a thriving environment.

Integrity: Uphold our commitment to be honest, sincere, impartial, and fair.

Following these values allow us to deliver the quality of service that residents and property owners expect with a Mansermar managed property.

Leadership & Management


Glenda Leduc

As President and CEO of Mansermar and Mid-America Apartment Management Company, she has been involved in the successful management, rehabilitation, and operation of 65 multifamily housing communities for senior citizens in 14 states. She is experienced in all phases of multifamily apartment administration, property management, and asset management and is well versed in the mechanics of the federal housing subsidy programs and rehabilitation of multifamily properties for senior citizens. She has been successful in the rehabilitation of existing properties financed through Low Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) under HUD 221(d)4,  223F programs.

She works closely with ownership, lenders, regulatory authorities, municipalities, and communities to create and maintain successful developments, resulting in communities of quality, generating a fulfilling lifestyle for our residents and quality physical assets for the equity and financing providers.

Prior to joining Mansermar, Ms. Leduc was a Partner in Leduc, Phillips & Associates and Faucett, Taylor and Associates, both Certified Public Accounting Firms.

Tom Hoenstine

Tom Hoenstine, Director of Operations/New Business Development of Mansermar and Mid-America Apartment Management Company has more than 20 years of experience in the housing industry and was formerly the Vice President of Real Estate Oversight and Services at the Atlanta Housing Authority. Prior to entering real estate management, Mr. Hoenstine served 12 years as an engineer officer in the United States Army.

Through his work, he has become uniquely qualified in the management industry. Mr. Hoenstine managed the private/public partnership for property management of elderly, disabled and mixed-income communities and has significant experience with the oversight of property management, maintenance, capital improvements, and resident services of public and project-based Section 8 housing. He has hands-on experience with the planning and rehabilitation properties through the HUD Rental Assistance Demonstration (RAD) Program. Additionally, Mr. Hoenstine also served the real estate industry as a program and project manager with Draper and Associates where he managed numerous business and capital improvement projects.  Mr. Hoenstine is a proven leader with considerable project management expertise, skills in staff organization, training and supervision, budget planning and management, capital improvement planning and procurement, and resident relations.

Mr. Hoenstine is a licensed professional engineer, and a certified project management professional. He has a master’s degree in Construction Management from Texas A&M University and a bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering from the United States Military Academy.